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Updates on Past Puppies Sold

Oh my gosh Sandi,WE LOVE HER SO SO MUCH!!!!!  We enjoyed meeting you and your husband and your grandson is so sweet. We were so impressed with how professional you are and how nice you both were. I reallly believe that your dogs are so good because of where they came from--so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a responsible breeder and a person who cares.We're still not quite settled on her name--but as soon as we make a final decision we will let you know.My goddaughter (who's 25 may be involved in naming her).Also,;you can e-mail us as much as you want--I would love to keep in touch. We may decide to get a second dog a couple of years down the line and there's no doubt in my mind that I would want to have my second puppy from you.We will send pictures and if you need referrals or anything at all, please let us know. We couldn't be happier.Thank you again so very much.


------------------Feb. 2009 Lola is 11 pounds and we're starting her on adult food now. She's still doing great and she's been fixed (in November) and came through her surgery with flying colors.  Every single day we count our blessings!

Hi,Lily is doing well, we all love her to pieces. You most certainly can use me on your website.  I'm new at the whole e-mail and picture thing, so I'm not entirely sure how to download pictures yet. I will have my son in law show me or I will mail you a picture... She is just so much fun, and we just enjoy having her here.  Thanks for everything!

Hi, Sandi,  Lulu is doing awesome! We got her into the vet onour way home and she got a clean bill of health. The vet didn't think there was a flea issue, just typical puppy nipping on her neck. She's doing really well in her crate at night. Just cries a little a couple times to go to the bathroom and then goes right back to sleep.  She has been perfect so far. The cats arevery curious about her. They watch her every move. She respects them and allows them to come to to her when they want to sniff.  I think they'll eventually be friends. She's definitely a people dog. Wherever we are, she wants to be.

Thanks, again!

Hi Sandi,Things are going great !!!  She is officially a big part of theTaborda family. Training is going excellent (very few accidents in the house). She is very healthy and growing.She has also been very helpful in socializing my parents Shichon with other dogs. They love playing with each other.

Jacy is doing well and has become the most popular member of the family. She seems to be mommys girl.


Hi Sandi,Roxi has adjusted to our home very well.  She is doing well with her training. We all love her so much. She makes us laugh and is a breath of fresh air after spending the last year taking care of our sick, elderly, but much-loved dog.  We haven't had the opportunity to see Lucky since Josie and Don got him, but we will be having a puppy play date in the very near future and I will send you pictures when we do. Thanks again and we'll stay in touch.

We figured you might enjoy an update on the wonderful puppy we got from you. Bailey is now two years old {Nov. 17th}  Bailey is everything you could ask for in a puppy, he is very smart, he is a great lap dog and a real lover. He loves to cuddle. He loves us both, but is a mommas boy.He loves to go for rides, socializes well with kids, adults and other animals. He loves everyone.  He has been very healthy, is strong and tuff, nothing seems to bother him. He has the free run of the house day and night and never bothers anything. He minds well most of the time, ha. He learns stuff very fast because he is very intelligent. He is a quiet dog, he rarely barks unless he is playing. He will sit and watch kids play in the park near us, or when people walk past he just sits and looks and does not bark. He is very aware of what is happening around him.Although he is really good, he can be a little thief at times, he will steal your socks or Karens slippers when you look away for just a second.We just had some snow, about 3 in. We just had some snow, about 3 in. and he love to roll in it and push his and he love to roll in it and push his face in the snow.face in the snow.He is a handsome little boy, some people say cute or pretty, and most remark at how soft his fur is. He never sheds.I guess you could say we have been very happy with him since the day we came and got him from you.We are very thankful the Lord led us to you to get our puppy, and to have friendship with wonderful Christian people.We still talk about how when we saw Bailey {then Star} in the pen and picked him up, and it was m your dog  take me home.We you a happy thanksgiving and a very Merry ChristmasWe will enclose a two year old photo of him. It is amazing when you see him now and compare to his coloring to when he was a very young puppy.We would love to come and see you sometime. Don and Karen